Planning to visit Good Day Farm Dispensary in Arkansas, Missouri, or Mississippi? Don’t just come for the dispensary. Explore more of what these beautiful states have to offer. Here are ideas for other fun stuff to do near our location.

1. Hot Springs National Park: This national treasure is located in Arkansas and is renowned for its rejuvenating thermal waters. Take a dip and feel your stress melt away.

2. Gateway Arch National Park: This iconic park located in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri is home to the tallest man-made monument in the US. Marvel at its architectural prowess and explore its history.

3. Dine at the finest restaurants: Each state boasts its own unique culinary staples. In Mississippi, catfish farms and tamale stands deserve your attention, Missouri is famous for its BBQ, and don’t miss the chance to sample Oklahoma’s chicken fried steak.

4. Natchez Trace Parkway: This scenic drive stretches from Mississippi to Tennessee and offers beautiful vistas, hiking, horseback riding, and cycling paths.

5. Explore Historic Downtowns: Take a stroll in the historic towns of Fayetteville in Arkansas, Pontotoc in Mississippi, or Arrow Rock in Missouri.

Remember, this is just a sneak peek into what’s waiting out there for you. Whatever your interest might be, be sure to take a day off from your dispensary visit to enjoy these and other attractions that offer a dose of local culture, history, and adventure.