Spring has truly sprung in California, and unlike other states, their blossoming isn’t just about cherry blossoms. No, this year’s bloom is a little different. It’s for the buds of Cannabis 21 Plus.

21 Green Thumb Tips for Budding Enthusiasts

Did you know Californians have discovered a fantastic way to save water? They’re swapping their manicured lawns for more, well, ‘dank’ grows. Is it for aesthetics? Perhaps not, but hey, green is green right?

Aroma Therapy, California Style

Forget lavender and vanilla – California is embracing a more intoxicating scent. No need to splash out on fancy candles, just an open window on a breezy day should do the trick. The calming aromas wafting through from your neighbor’s garden aren’t so secret anymore.

Overall, California’s blossoming industry is all about embracing the new normal. So, on your next visit to the golden state, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses – or in this case, the aromatic emerald gems of Cannabis 21 Plus.