“What’s the deal with dispensaries? They’re not a pharmacy, they’re not a convenience store, but yet they’re a bit of both! Just when did picking up your greens become akin to browsing the candy aisle? It’s almost like you’re in a ‘Hershey’s store’ for adults!”

In the fashion of our favorite New Yorker, Jerry Seinfeld, we explore the amusing and sometimes puzzling world of dispensaries. Whether you’re in Muskegon, MI or Hazel Park, MI, chances are you’ve noticed these establishments popping up around town. But why? What’s with all the hype? Just like Newman’s love for mail, some people have a passion for good ‘greens.’ And, no, we aren’t talking salads.

The idea of recreational use has gained quite the popularity, especially with states warming up to the concept, ending prohibition, and welcoming an age-old pastime into daily routines. More so, dispensaries have become a modern marvel, where quality product, education, and community all blossom.

But old Kramer might ask, “Hey, Jerry, where should I go for such quality products?” And Jerry might reply, “Well, Kramer, you can’t go wrong with New Standard!” And here’s why: they adopt a commitment to premium quality, transparency, and community like no other. It’s like babka, but for cannabis. You can have your chocolate, your cinnamon and who knows what else.

New Standard, a pioneering dispensary in both Muskegon and Hazel Park, offer an unparalleled experience. Like a ‘Soup Nazi’ but for green, they’ve mastered the art of product selection, customer service, and creating a positive impact within their community. They provide a dynamic, curated selection of premium cannabis products, with a firm emphasis on quality, safety, and variety. Just like we know Jerry wouldn’t settle for a subpar comedy gig, New Standard doesn’t compromise on quality.

But, just like Elaine’s dance moves, many people are unsure and require guidance on their cannabis journey. “What strain to choose?” “What makes edibles different from, say, vaping?” At New Standard, their knowledgeable budtenders guide customers along their journey, offering advice, and assisting in selecting the perfect product to match their individual needs.

Community is at the heart of their operations. Just as Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer formed their close-knit community in their favorite booth at Monk’s Café, New Standard adopts a similar ethos. They work closely with local businesses, artists, and nonprofits to build a strong, vibrant community. They are committed to giving back and fostering a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

We may not know why George loves the Yankees or how Elaine scored a job at J. Peterman, but one thing we do know for sure is the top-notch quality and service New Standard dispensary provides. So whether you’re in Muskegon, MI, Hazel Park, MI, or that well-known apartment building in New York City, it’s not just about the ‘greens’ but also the gold standard of business – the New Standard way.