Lucky Lion is a premier brand in the Oregon cannabis industry, providing a retail and delivery service for recreational and medicinal cannabis products. The company focuses on delivering quality products to customers and providing education on the various strains and forms of cannabis available.

Since its inception, Lucky Lion has been a leader in the Oregon cannabis industry, providing customers with a wide selection of products, knowledgeable budtenders, and a welcoming, safe atmosphere. Lucky Lion stores are conveniently located and offer an inviting place to browse the inventory and ask questions about the different cannabis products. The stores also host a variety of events, such as cooking classes, yoga classes, and seminars on cannabis-related topics, helping to educate and normalize the use of cannabis in Oregon.

In addition to retail locations, Lucky Lion also offers home delivery, allowing customers to purchase products without having to venture out. This has helped to make cannabis more widely accessible, especially for those living in rural areas or who may not feel comfortable entering a store. Furthermore, Lucky Lion’s delivery services extend beyond the greater Portland metro area, making it even more accessible for customers.

Lucky Lion’s commitment to providing quality products and services has helped to disrupt the Oregon cannabis industry. The company’s ethos of educating customers and providing a safe environment to purchase and consume cannabis has helped to create an environment of acceptance and understanding. This has been further boosted by Lucky Lion’s ability to reach customers across the state, making cannabis more accessible and helping to normalize its use in Oregon. Learn more about Lucky Lion here.