The folks at Lucky Lion, the recreational weed store at 148th & Powell, were in for a pleasant surprise when a very large black bear showed up at their Gresham, OR location recently. Employees described the event as “very unexpected,” but the bear seemed to be very familiar with the store, rummaging through the shelves and picking out his favorite pre-rolled joints and edibles. According to witnesses, the bear seemed particularly fond of the store’s selection of marijuana-infused gummy bears!

The bear was more than happy to pay for his purchases in cash, but the employees had to be quick on their feet to make sure that he couldn’t get away with any extra edibles. They managed to keep a close watch on him, but unfortunately, the bear was determined to have his way. He eventually managed to sneak a few extra treats into his bag before leaving the store.

The employees at Lucky Lion were relieved that the bear had been so well-behaved, and they were even more relieved when he finally left the store. They can now look forward to more peaceful visits from their usual customers, who are much less likely to try to steal anything!

If you’re looking for a recreational cannabis and marijuana dispensary in the Portland, OR or Lake Oswego, OR area, be sure to pay a visit to Lucky Lion at 148th & Powell. You might not have the same wild experience as the black bear, but you can still expect to find a great selection of top-quality marijuana products.

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