Welcome to Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica, the dynamic twin cities along the serene California Coastline that are a blend of tranquil ambiance, flourishing green spaces, and vibrant streets. Nestled in the heart of these iconic locations is MMD Shops, a cutting-edge cannabis dispensary preferred by locals and tourists alike.

MMD Shops is more than just a cannabis store; it’s a pivotal part of the community, an anchor in these locations’ cultural milieu. A visit to Marina Del Rey or Santa Monica is incomplete without a stop at MMD Shops. The dispensary blends seamlessly amidst local favorite wineries, breathtaking beachfronts, serene parks, and contemporary art galleries.

Founded on the ethos of supplying top-tier, regulated cannabis products, MMD Shops, in tandem with the soul-stirring vibe of Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica, has created a harmonious rendezvous of culture, community, and cannabis.

When you step foot into MMD Shops, you 🡴re welcomed by a warm community of cannabis connoisseurs who are eager to guide you through your journey. Its prime location offers stunning panoramic views of the lively waterfront, making it not only a purchase point but also a unique site to unwind and immerse in the holistic Californian experience.

Explore MMD Shops’s meticulously curated product lineup that echoes the laid-back, buoyant aura of Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of the community, offering a unique palette of cannabis products that satiates the diverse tastes of its clientele.

Our uniquely Californian cannabis experience extends to Santa Monica, a bustling, sunny locale known for its iconic Ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier, golden-sand beaches, and vibrant downtown district. As you saunter down the promenade, take a pit stop at MMD Shops to experience unparalleled service and supreme-quality cannabis wares that confidently stand tall as a touchstone of the local community.

In addition to providing a comprehensive cannabis retail experience, MMD Shops Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica stay actively involved in the local community fabric through sponsored events and outreach. The cannabis culture around these areas acknowledges a collective commitment to responsible and informed cannabis use, creating a well-informed, convivial environment.

MMD Shops is not only a cannabis sanctuary but an essential part of the rich tapestry of Marina Del Ray and Santa Monica. Visit us to experience the harmonious ebb and flow of community, culture, and cannabis.